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Master Groove Member and Launch Your Online Course with Confidence

Step into the world of online education with ease through the Groove Member Mastermind.

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This focused mastermind is dedicated to one thing: providing you with the knowledge and tools necessary to get your online course up, running, and ready to sell using Groove Member’s robust platform.

Inside the Mastermind, You Will Discover:

  • Light Bulb with Online Course Elements Included

    In-depth Tutorials on Groove Member: Dive deep into the platform with expert-led sessions that make navigating Groove Member simple.

  • Light Bulb with Online Course Elements Included

    Technical Setup Support: Learn the exact steps to create and configure your course structure within Groove Member for optimal student experience.

  • Light Bulb with Online Course Elements Included

    Design and Presentation Tips: Gain insights on how to present your content effectively using Groove Member's suite of design tools and customization.

  • Light Bulb with Online Course Elements Included

    Course Publishing How-Tos: Understand the nuances of publishing and setting your course live with confidence.

    • Here's What You Are Getting

    • DAILY LIVE CONNECTION: Daily live calls from 4-6PM EST, January 8, 9, 10, 11

    • ONE WEEK Check-in: Monday January 15 we will re-convene to answer any final questions and make sure your membership/course is online and ready to sell.

    • Day 1: Demystifying Groove Member's dashboard. Get comfortable in the driver's seat quickly.

    • Day 2: Crafting your course structure. We'll make sense of modules, lessons, and how to lay out your knowledge.

    • Day 3: Customizing your student's learning experience. Personalize course access and delivery for maximum impact.Day 

    • Day 4: Setting up essential integrations. Ensure your course and potential earnings are primed to flow seamlessly.Day 

    • Day 5: Going live with confidence. Hit that publish button knowing your course is polished and ready for success.

    • Normal Price: $497

      For BETA, You Pay Only: $297 today!

    BONUSES Worth Over $500

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    One-Hour Consultation with Kevin


    Lifetime Access to All Session Recordings

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    Exclusive Planning and Customizing Worksheets

    What is it?

    A 1 hour personal 1-1 consultation with Kevin to discuss your membership and answer any questions you have.

    What is it?

    Lifetime Access to All recordings + access to the Groove Member Course (even if you are not an academy member)

    What is it?

    Exclusive worksheets designed with prime knowledge of the Groove Member app. These worksheets will empower you to get a huge head start on your online course development

    Frequently Asked Questions

    ⬇︎ When Is It?

    January 8-11 and 15

    Each session runs from 4-6pm Eastern Standard Time (1-4pm PT)

    ⬇︎ What exactly is the Groove Member Mastermind?

    The Groove Member Mastermind is an exclusive program designed to help you harness the full capabilities of the Groove Member platform and get your online course created and ready to deliver. Through detailed tutorials, personalized coaching, and expert insights, this mastermind equips you with the knowledge and tools to confidently launch your online course.

    ⬇︎ Who can benefit from joining the Groove Member Mastermind?

    This mastermind is ideal for course creators and entrepreneurs who are ready to transform their knowledge and expertise into a profitable online course. Whether you're new to Groove, or experienced, this mastermind provides the guidance and resources necessary for success using the Groove Member app.

    ⬇︎ What is included in the Groove Member Mastermind?

    Participants will receive exclusive beta access to the mastermind, limited to a small group for personalized attention. You'll get dedicated support with specialized worksheets, one hour of personal coaching with Kevin Strite, and lifetime access to all mastermind content, including session recordings.

    ⬇︎ Are there any bonuses included with my enrollment in the Groove Member Mastermind?

    Yes, when you enroll, you'll receive several valuable bonuses including one hour of personal coaching with Kevin Strite, membership and course planning worksheets, and lifetime access to all session recordings. These resources are designed to complement your learning experience and support your course creation journey.

    ⬇︎ What if I miss a session?

    Not to worry! 

    Each session will be recorded and you will receive a summary as well as access to the recording by the end of the day. 




    Over the past three years, Kevin has taught hundreds the basics of using Groove to build landing pages and funnels. He and his team have created/built over 150 Groove systems including funnels, sites, courses, sales systems, stores and more. 

    Along the way, Kevin has created over 350 tutorials and guides showing Groovesters how to make the most of their investment with Groove. 

    Kevin is excited for this opportunity to help you and your team get your amazing courses online and ready to sell or give away! 

    Let's Goooooo!!!! 


    30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

    If you use the resources and find them less than you need, feel free to let me know and I will be happy to refund your full purchase price. The only thing I ask is that you let me know what you felt was lacking so that we can continue to provide the highest quality of online training available for Groove