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** Next Mastermind Begins June 24 **

πŸš€ Launch Your Online Course with Unmatched Confidence!

Step into the Realm of Groove Member Mastery – Join the Groove Member Mastermind Today!

Next Mastermind Begins Jun 24

This focused mastermind is dedicated to ONE thing:

This mastermind is laser-focused on ONE mission – Empowering You to Launch Your Online Course using Groove Member’s powerful platform. No more guesswork, no more confusion...

Next Mastermind Begins June 24

Inside the Mastermind, You Will Discover:

Expert-Led In-Depth Tutorials:

Master Groove Member with ease, making platform navigation a breeze.

Hands-On Technical Support:

Learn step-by-step how to craft a membership that shines and pleases the eye.

Access Mastery & Configuration Secrets:

Unlock the secrets of access levels and selling your course with Groove.

Course Publishing Mastery:

Launch your course with the confidence of a seasoned pro.

Next Mastermind Begins June 24

Exclusive Offerings

  • Daily Live Calls: Connect with experts and peers from June 24-27, 12-1PM EDT.

  • One-Week Check-In: July 1 - Final touch-up session to ensure your course is shining online.

  • Day 1: Demystifying Groove Member's dashboard. Get comfortable in the driver's seat quickly.

  • Day 2: Crafting your course structure. We'll make sense of modules, lessons, and how to lay out your knowledge.

  • Day 3: Customizing your student's learning experience. Personalize course access and delivery for maximum impact. 

  • Day 4: Setting up essential integrations. Ensure your course and potential earnings are primed to flow seamlessly.

  • Day 5: Going live with confidence. Hit that publish button knowing your course is polished and ready for success.

(Normal Price: $497)

Special Price:
Only $397 


Enjoy BONUSES Worth Over $500!

One-Hour Consultation with Kevin:

What is it?

A 1 hour personal 1-1 consultation with Kevin to discuss Tailored advice for your course..

Lifetime Access to All Session Recordings:

What is it?

Revisit valuable insights anytime.

Exclusive Planning and Customizing Worksheets

What is it?

Jumpstart your course creation with these invaluable tools.


Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

When Is It?

June 24-27 and July 1.

Each session runs from 12-2pm Eastern Standard Time (9-11am PT)

What exactly is the Groove Member Mastermind?

The Groove Member Mastermind is an exclusive program designed to help you harness the full capabilities of the Groove Member platform and get your online course created and ready to deliver. Through detailed tutorials, personalized coaching, and expert insights, this mastermind equips you with the knowledge and tools to confidently launch your online course.

Who can benefit from joining the Groove Member Mastermind?

This mastermind is ideal for course creators and entrepreneurs who are ready to transform their knowledge and expertise into a profitable online course. Whether you're new to Groove, or experienced, this mastermind provides the guidance and resources necessary for success using the Groove Member app.

What is included in the Groove Member Mastermind?

Participants will receive exclusive beta access to the mastermind, limited to a small group for personalized attention. You'll get dedicated support with specialized worksheets, one hour of personal coaching with Kevin Strite, and lifetime access to all mastermind content, including session recordings.

Are there any bonuses included with my enrollment in the Groove Member Mastermind?

Yes, when you enroll, you'll receive several valuable bonuses including one hour of personal coaching with Kevin Strite, membership and course planning worksheets, and lifetime access to all session recordings. These resources are designed to complement your learning experience and support your course creation journey.

What if I miss a session?

Not to worry! Each session will be recorded and you will receive a summary as well as access to the recording by the end of the day. 

image of Kevin Strite

About Your Mastermind Leader, Kevin Strite:

Kevin's expertise spans over three years, with a track record of helping hundreds navigate Groove's landscape. With over 350 tutorials and a wealth of experience, he’s the perfect guide for your online course journey.

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Special Price:
Only $397 

(Normal Price: $497)