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πŸš€ Exclusive Opportunity Alert:
Groove for Growth Academy Affiliate Contest is Here! 
30% Commissions!

December 21st - January 14th

Welcome to a contest designed for leaders, innovators, and visionaries in the affiliate marketing space. This is more than a race to the finish line; it's your chance to make an impact while vying for top-notch prizes. Introducing the Groove for Growth Academy Affiliate Contest – where every sale brings you one step closer to glory.

The Prizes that Await

πŸ† 1st Place: A Free Custom App (Value: $3000)

πŸ₯ˆ 2nd Place: A Free Lead Gen Funnel (Value: $1797)

πŸ₯‰ 3rd Place: Prize Worth $500

πŸŽ–οΈ 4th Place: Prize Worth $150

πŸ… 5th Place: Prize Worth $50

Participate and Track Your Success

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my own affiliate link for purchases?

No, affiliates are prohibited from using their own affiliate link for personal purchases.

What kind of advertising is off-limits?

All advertising must be truthful, substantiated, and comply with all federal and state consumer protection laws, regulations, and guidelines. Deceptive or misleading content is strictly forbidden.

Can I create online pages that imply I am the creator or owner of Your Best Groove products?

No, creating webpages or social media accounts that falsely represent yourself as the creator or owner of our products is strictly forbidden.

What if I have legal concerns about my promotional content?

It's imperative that you ensure all promotional content complies with applicable laws and regulations. We advise having legal review for all affiliate advertisements.

What happens if an affiliate breaks these terms?

Any violation of our terms will result in immediate dismissal from the program without eligibility for reinstatement. Legal action may be taken if necessary.

Terms & Conditions

  • No Self-Purchasing: Affiliates may not use their own affiliate link for personal purchases.

  • Advertising Compliance: All advertising must comply with all federal and state laws including but not limited to the FTC Act, CAN-SPAM Act, FTC Testimonials Guide, and other consumer protection regulations.

  • False Representation Prohibition: Affiliates are forbidden from falsely representing themselves as creators or owners of Your Best Groove products on any online platform.

  • Indemnification: Affiliates agree to indemnify Your Best Groove against any legal actions arising from non-compliance.

  • Right of Legal Action: We reserve the right to take legal action against any affiliate found violating these terms.

  • ** Affiliates found in breach of these terms will be banned from our program immediately and without hesitation.

    ** Non-compliance with these terms will result in immediate dismissal from the program without eligibility for reinstatement, and potential legal action.