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Learn Everything You Need to Build Your Own Beautiful Funnel with Groove in Just One Session

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This is an On-Demand Version of our Free, Live, Interactive Workshop for Groove

Stop procrastinating and get moving with Groove. Join this live training and get the basics you need to build your landing page, collect emails, send an automated email, and even sell a product using Groove! 

Why Join? You Will:

  • Save money

  • Learn to Build it Yourself

  • Gain immediate results

  • Build Your Very Own Beautiful Funnel

  • Come away with the confidence to complete your funnel and get your business moving with more leads, and more sales!

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About The Workshop:

Thanks so much Kevin, this was fantastic!

Great workshop! Thank you!

Great tip!

Thank you so very much! I so appreciate your teaching!!!

Thank you so much Kevin! You are the best!

Fantastic! I'll be watching this several times!

Awesome tip thank you!!!

Kevin, Thanks so much. This was super informative.

Good stuff, Kevin. Thank you.

Solution = Groove Answers Fast ❤️💪🏼

yes you are saving me HOURS

No question. Excellent value.

It was great being here. Session was amazing. I'm quite sure I will be back again.

Thank you for developing so much value for us Groovesters! You are the one stop for all solutions! :)

You are the Best Groove for sure to get the trusted ways to build Kevin, thanks!

Awesome, thank you so much Kevin! This has been great!! I'm so happy to have found you!

Thank you Kevin. Loved this training and will definitely sign up for more!

Omg!!! I needed that! I have had to change on every screen size. so time consuming!

Would you please add me to your mailing list for upcoming trainings like today's training on building funnels?
It was stellar.

Why Wait to Get Your Funnel Going?

  • Get Back to Building Your Business!

  • Build a Beautiful Landing Page

  • Collect Emails Build Your List

  • Connect a Checkout and, Voila!

  • Start Making Sales and Building Your Income

  • Get back to Your Main Purpose, Building a Business, Helping Others, and Making a Profit!



Kevin has spent his life serving others through organizational leadership, training, coaching, teaching, and personal encouragement. As president and founder of Your Best Groove, Kevin continues that lifelong commitment by serving entrepreneurs and businesses using Groove as their technology of choice.

In serving clients, creating courses, offering free workshops, and building complete Groove sites and funnels, Kevin and Your Best Groove are the leaders in all things Groove Service-related. You can also find him on Facebook and find Your Best Groove at facebook.com/yourbestgroove and find out more about Your Best Groove at yourbestgroove.com

How Does It Work?

In one two-hour live session, we will work through three stages of your build.


GroovePages Foundational Principles

I’ll show you the four things you MUST know if you are going to succeed in building your own funnel or site with Groove Pages. 

  • Structure

  • Breadcrumbs

  • Screen Sizes

  • Settings


BUILD the Landing Page

A Funnel has to start somewhere! In this live session, you will learn the principles to build your landing page in Groove including how to work with text, your images and your colors. Learn how to use a free template and make it YOUR OWN with your style, your colors, your brand.



COLLECT Responses

Build a form with Groovemail to collect information from your potential clients and/or customers. Then connect it to your landing page to begin collecting contacts.



SELL Your Product

Make your product or lead magnet available to your potential clients or customers. Discover how simple it is to add a Groovesell checkout to your page and begin selling your products right away.