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The Community Kevin has created is Awesome! There are so many good things going on in Groove that it is hard to keep up. And when there is a bug it’s really nice to know it’s not me!

Kevin keeps us informed of new apps in Groove AS THEY COME OUT.  Knowing I have a lifetime membership gives me my time back and confidence because Groove will be continually improving for a long time coming.

They have so many great things planned. Being able to post in the group and not only the group but to have Kevin address any issues actually feels like having an insurance policy. So if I don’t see something come out or don’t have to the time to figure it out NO WORRIES KEVIN WILL!. Love this group and Kevin’s training and tutorials.

Jo-Ann Wolloff

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  • Keep GROOVE as your secondary tool and return to YOU as the primary tool of your business.

  • Don't waste hours building a site, only to find it doesn't look good on mobile.

  • Stay ahead of your competition by having the latest knowledge on upgrades and updates from Groove.

  • Never fail to act because Groove is intimidating. Gain the confidence and know-how to use the tool to its fullest extent.

You never need to struggle alone with all of the technical details! Shift from learning tech and turn your focus completely on getting your business growing and scaling and earning you incredible profits! 

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Join us for a LIVE weekly Q&A. Ask your questions and get feedback and confidence for your Groove roadblocks. Stay up to date with changes and upgrades coming in Groove. Be on the leading edge of every new app and every upgrade that comes within Groove Funnels.

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Complete Online Courses for Every App within Groove

The more you use Groove, the more you're going to want to make use of. That's why you need someone constantly combing through the Groove gems and sharing with you how you can benefit from them and make them work for you.

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Get Personalized Help

Sometimes a general video, or even a live chat just doesn't get the problem solved. The Groove Club gives you first in line access to support for your own personal questions and problems you may be having in Groove. Even better, as a member, you receive a 15% discount on all services.

Having Support Ready is Important to Me