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An Insider's Secret to Skyrocketing Your Business Potential while Harnessing the Power of Groove


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Webclass Highlights

00:00:00 - 00:03:00 β€” Introduction to Kevin's Expertise: Discover Kevin's extensive background in technology since 1986 and his journey to becoming a leader in digital tools and organizational coaching.

00:03:00 - 00:06:00 β€” Your Best Groove's Foundations: Learn about Kevin's role as the founder and president of Your Best Groove and his commitment to empowering entrepreneurs with Groove technology.

00:06:00 - 00:09:00 β€” Kevin's Groove Mastery: Unveil Kevin's expertise in creating comprehensive Groove training, building funnels, and hosting free workshops for business acceleration.

00:09:00 - 00:16:00 β€” From Pastoring to Groove Guru: How does a Pastor of 30 years move from ministry to making things work for Groovesters?

00:16:00 - 00:18:00 β€” Essential Groove Tools Uncovered: Discover the six vital tools that Kevin will introduce for leveraging Groove to its fullest potential.

00:18:00 - 00:20:00 β€” Getting Groove Solutions: Learn about common Groove challenges and Kevin's approach to turning frustrations into solutions.

00:20:00 - 00:23:00 β€” An Insider View of the Academy: Hear Kevin's perspective on transforming Groove-related obstacles into actionable steps for business growth with Groove.

00:23:00 - 00:29:00 β€” Powerful Search Tool: Explore how Kevin created Groove Answers Fast - the only search tool ON THE PLANET for Groove.

00:29:00 - 00:30:00 β€” Live Connection and Community: Explore the benefits of live Q&A sessions and being part of a supportive Groove community.

00:30:00 - 00:33:00 β€” Meet Groovy Greta: Get introduced to Groovy Greta, an AI tool within the academy to assist with Groove-related questions and up-to-date 1,2,3 answers.

00:33:00 - 00:35:00 β€” 20-Step Cheat Sheet for Groove: Uncover a comprehensive guide to streamline your Groove learning process.

00:35:00 - 00:37:00 β€” Digital Version of Groove Guide: Explore a digital guide designed to assist in building a complete Groove funnel and help you put all of the pieces together.

00:37:00 - 00:38:00 β€” Real-life Challenges with Groove: Discuss common real-world issues faced by Groove users and how the academy addresses them.

00:38:00 - 00:40:00 β€” Benefits of the Groove for Growth Academy: Learn the advantages of joining the academy, from comprehensive courses to lifetime updates.

00:40:00 - 00:43:00 β€” Offer and Value of the Academy: Understand the pricing, value, and the extensive resources included in the Groove for Growth Academy.

00:43:00 - 00:45:00 β€” Exclusive Groove Chrome Extension: Get the only chrome extension on the planet that will help you learn and use Groove.

00:45:00 - 01:00:00 β€” Get Your Questions Answered: Wrap up with final thoughts, additional offers, and a Q&A session addressing specific Groove queries.

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What’s Inside?

Your Best Groove Pages and Funnels

  • Logging in and choosing the right template

  • Adding and Resizing Your Logo and images

  • Styling

  • Lists

  • Lists

  • And more

Your Best Groove Mail

  • Set up Your Categories

  • Set Up Your Lists

  • Creating a Form

  • Adding a Form to a Page

  • Setting up Autoresponders

  • Setting up Sequences

  • Using Forms as Popups

Your Best Groove Sell

  • Setting Up Your Product Funnel

  • Setting Up Your Products

  • Pricing

  • Payment Gateways

  • Upsells

  • Bumps

  • One-click Sales

Your Best Groove Member

  • Setting Up Your Membership

  • Customizing the look and feel

  • Setting Up Access Levels

  • Changing Images for chapters

  • Changing Images for Lessons

  • Storing and Serving files

Your Best Groove Video

  • Overview of Groove Video

  • Setting Up the Categories

  • Uploading Videos

  • Video Settings

  • Using an external video

  • Adding videos to a membership

  • Adding videos to a page

Your Best Groove Affiliate

  • Activate your affiliate program

  • Landing pages for your affiliates

  • Commission levels

  • Examples

Your Best Groove Blog

  • Create and Set Up Your Blog

  • Customizing the look and feel

  • Connect a Form

  • Use Custom Categories

  • Enable RSS Feed

  • Create and Customize Posts

  • Publish to Your Own Domain

Your Best Groove Kart

  • Create Your Store

  • Customizing the look and feel

  • Add Your Products

  • Connect to Dropship Options

  • Connect your Payment Processor

  • Take Orders

  • Manage sales and customers

Your Best Groove Webinar

  • Create an "ever-Webinar"

  • Connect Your Custom Video

  • Choose Presenter(s)

  • Create a Custom Schedule

  • Build and Customize your Pages

  • Track Visitor Activites

  • Set Up Auto-Responders


Dr. Cecelia GreeneBarr

β€œJoining Groove Academy skyrocketed my business. It's not just a course; it's a transformation!” 

Pierre Newell

If you want to gain more Groove skills, give yourself faster delivery of your own project, gain more free time for your important family life, and reduce your stress around Groove, then I invite you to seriously consider Kevin's one time low investment for joining the Groove for Growth Academy - you won't regret it.

Shelly Liedke

β€œThe best investment I've made. It's about trust, integrity, and real results.”

Gena Peth

Kevin, not only did you help me set up my first funnel, but you taught me along the way. Now I have multiple funnels, multiple opt-ins, and I sell multiple things through my Groove website. To anyone feeling stuck with Groove, don't hesitate to reach out to Kevin – his knowledge and willingness to help can turn your struggle into success.

Michael Reinmann

Kevin's expertise on all things Groove and his ability to offer tailored, one-on-one assistance with our problems is simply remarkable; the access to quick solutions and saving time through the Groove answers tool is a major bonus. Thank you, Kevin, for such a powerful learning experience.

Helga Klopcic

"The G4G membership has been a huge time saver, offering a one-stop solution for setting up my business and the invaluable opportunity to connect with Kevin for personalized assistance; it's been instrumental in getting me up and running a whole lot faster."

Kathy Bates

If you are daunted by the prospect of building or expanding your business and need a trustworthy, quality website, sales funnel, or e-commerce store, I wholeheartedly recommend Kevin and his team - they're easy to work with, patient, communicative and consistently deliver excellent results.

Mike Jones

"I've managed to save hours of work by spending just a few minutes with Kevin during his inner circle office hours; his ability to quickly identify and solve issues is truly invaluable. If you value your time, I would highly recommend considering joining the inner circle (Academy)."

Camille Dangerfield

When I connected with Kevin and his free funnel build workshop, it simplified the process of building my first Groove funnel, even though I'm not a tech-savvy person; it saved me valuable time and allowed me to consolidate all my business needs under the Groove family of apps.

✨ Every Step-by-Step Course You Need:

  • From Groove Pages to Groove Video: Master it all!

  • Learn from our world-class experts in online marketing.

  • From Groove Pages to Groove Video: Master it all!

  • πŸ›  Your Best Groove

  • Easy-to-follow guides for creating stunning pages and funnels.

  • Maximize your email marketing with Groove Mail's simple setup.

  • Skyrocket your sales with Groove Sell's product funnel mastery.

  • ⚑ Transform Your Business Today:

  • Fast Search Engine for instant Groove answers (Value: $497)

  • Private Community for growth and support (Value: $997)

  • Exclusive Online Guides for your Groove adventure (Value: $997)

  • AI Solutions to stay ahead in the market (Value: $997)

  • Sixteen Live Q&A Calls for personalized assistance (Value: $1,997)

  • Total: $7,282

    πŸ”₯ Your Price Today: Just $597 πŸ”₯


    ⭐ Rock-Solid 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee ⭐

    We're so confident in the value of our Groove Academy, we offer an ironclad promise:

    If, within 30 days, you dive into our resources and don’t find them absolutely game-changing, just reach out. We'll refund every penny of your investment – no questions asked.

    But there's more... We genuinely care about your success. So, if something's not up to your expectations, we’d love to hear about it. Your feedback is our roadmap to offering the most outstanding online Groove training out there.

    Your satisfaction isn’t just a goal. It’s our mission.




    Kevin has spent his life serving others through organizational leadership, training, coaching, teaching, and personal encouragement. As president and founder of Your Best Groove, Kevin continues that lifelong commitment by serving entrepreneurs and businesses using Groove as their technology of choice.

    In serving clients, creating courses, offering free workshops, and building complete Groove sites and funnels, Kevin and Your Best Groove are the leaders in all things Groove Service-related. You can also find him on Facebook and find Your Best Groove at facebook.com/yourbestgroove and find out more about Your Best Groove at yourbestgroove.com